The Online Workshop Experience

How does it work?

Online workshops are live interactive experiences. Once registered, you can access the student resources page to download the supply list and view information that will help  you prepare before the first session. Approximately one week before the workshop begins you will be emailed a reference photo and the Zoom link. On the day of the workshop, log onto Zoom using the provided link, you'll be able to see me, my easel, and the other participants. Everyone is able to talk with one another, and ask questions at any time.

What's a workshop like?

Each class typically starts with me doing a demo, then you"ll work on your piece. I can see your work and provide feedback as you paint. Depending on the day and the class, I may demonstrate again at some point. 


After each day ends, participants can email an image of their work for a detailed critique.


Benefits Of An Online Workshop: 


Everyone gets a great view: During the demonstration there's no crowding, or vying for a good seat. No need to peer around the person in front of you, because every seat is a front row seat. In an online workshop the camera is closer to my easel than I am, you get a better, more detailed view than you would at an in-person workshop.

No travel time and work from anywhere: Everyone gets to work from the comfort of their own space (wherever that space may be, since you don't have to be local to take a workshop).

Camaraderie at a distance: Meet new people or connect with friends you might not be able to see right now. Workshops are a fun change of pace, and a great way to interact with people who aren't in your household.

No Worries: Everyone is safe in their own space. If you have allergy symptoms or someone else in the class has a case of the sniffles, no worries because everyone can still safely participate in the workshop.

Emailed Critique With Annotated Photos: This has been one of the most popular features in my online workshops. Not only do you get real-time feedback while you're painting during the workshop. After each class participants have the opportunity to email me a photo of their work from that day to receive detailed comments and notes.


Have More Questions- Contact Meg

Zoom Pastel Demo Meg Bandarra

Screenshot Of Demo During Zoom Class

Meg Bandarra Workshop Feedback

Example Annotated Photo Critique