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Private and Small Group Classes

2023- Due to the continued  threat of COVID classes are conducted via Zoom

About Classes:

Take classes by yourself or as a small group with up to four friends. Each class is customized, so you can learn new techniques and concepts that are perfectly aligned with your individual needs and growth as an artist. 

As a student you'll also get access to online resources during the month your classes take place. Not only will this help you prepare for class, but these resources provide additional tips and techniques to aid your artistic journey. See Frequently asked Questions (below) for more information.


Private- $85 per session, $75 if you book four sessions at once.

2 Students- $65 per session, $55 if you book four sessions at once.

3-4 Students- $55 per session, $45 if you book four sessions at once.

Get $10 off the listed rate for classes booked in conjunction with a workshop. For example: two private classes would be $75 ea instead of $85 ea. Booking four classes could take advantage of both discounts, making private classes $65 ea instead of $85. Classes must be booked and paid for at the same time as the workshop to use the discount.

Classes are 2.5 hours long.

There is a four class minimum for new students who are new to pastel.

All experience levels are welcome!

"Taking a class from Meg is sitting at the feet of a  master, one who shares all her secrets and techniques without covering over your own personal style. There's a wide gap between doing and teaching, Meg closes that with patience, enthusiasm, and specific, very helpful critiques. I'd recommend her well-planned and creative lessons to anyone wanting to learn and improve their artistic abilities."


"I took my first pastel class with Meg and totally enjoyed myself. The new techniques were fun and Meg was both encouraging and also offered gentle criticisms, which are so necessary in order to grow. I have decided to continue with pastel and hope to take more workshops with Meg soon. Thank You Meg!"


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do online classes work?

Online classes are live interactive experiences that closely replicate my pre-pandemic studio classes. Before your first class, we'll talk about your art experience and motivation for taking classes. When we decide on dates and times, you'll also get a supply list and the Zoom link. On the day of class log onto Zoom using the provided link. You'll be able to see me, my easel, and if you're part of a group, the other participants. Everyone is able to talk with one another, and ask questions at any time.

How are classes structured?

That depends on you- each class is tailored to individual needs. Sometimes we take turns painting so I can demonstrate a technique, other times you paint and I respond to your work with suggestions and feedback. You can have a specific goal in mind for class, or I can suggest projects and create exercises to help your development in specific areas.


Does everyone in a group class have to work on the same thing, and be at the same level of pastel or art experience?

No, this is one of the benefits of classes! Everyone gets to create different paintings, while working at their own pace and experience level.

I have no art experience, and can't draw, can I take classes?

Yes! Just like speaking a second language, art is a skill that can be learned. All that matters is that you have an interest in art and a desire to learn.

What's the difference between classes and workshops?


  • Highly customized to meet each student's needs.

  • Don't have set themes, we work on concepts and skills as they naturally arise in your artistic journey. 

  • Group size is limited to four people. 

  • Groups book together and already know each other.

  • Group members work on their own projects at their own pace.

  • Critiques happen during class, rather than over email. 



  • Have a set theme.

  • Participants don't necessarily know the each other (unless you sign up together or have taken a workshop together before).

  • The group size has up to six people.

  • Group works on the same themes, concepts, techniques.

  • Feedback is provided in-workshop, critiques by email.


Have More Questions About Classes- Contact Meg

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