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Painting Stories- Snow Squall

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

One of the things I enjoy most during an exhibit reception is answering questions about a painting's backstory. Since it's a line of questioning I often get, I thought it would be fun to occasionally post the story of a painting here on the blog.

While driving home after a holiday visit with family, my husband and I were caught in an unexpected snow squall. The flakes were ferociously falling, we quickly went from no snow on the ground to everything covered in a blanket of white. The roads became slick and driving was slow going. It seemed as though we were in a real-live snow globe, the swirling flakes made everything look magical.

My husband concentrated on safely driving us home, while the artist in me was inspired. I pulled out my phone to take pictures, and because driving was so slow, I was able to get some lovely photos.

Coming around a corner after going over the last of the knuckle-whitening steep hill, I was absolutely struck by this scene. It's a house I've passed hundreds (if not thousands) of times but had barely ever noticed. This time, with the snowflakes flying, it seemed like an idyllic New England scene. I was so excited I started mentally planning the painting right away, and as soon as I was back in the studio began creating it.

The snow was over quickly, a truly unexpected little burst, that we were lucky enough to run into at the perfect time. Whenever I look at this image I'm brought right back to our magical snow globe experience.

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