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Gift Items For The Pastel Artist

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Illustration of gift boxes in the the snow.

Here's a list of some of my favorite pastel items that would make great additions to a holiday gift list. This list is in no way sponsored, they're just items I enjoy and thought you might too!

Pastel Accessories:

  • Colour Shaper Tool- Silicone brush that's great for sharpening/cleaning up lines, removing stray pastel, and blending.

  • Fan Brush- Good for delicately removing/blending pastel.

  • Photography Tripod & SunEden Traveling Easel Adapter- Tripods don't have to be expensive, my first one (that I used for years) was $20 on Amazon. There are several tripod easel adapters on the market, I have SunEden's and like it.

  • Easel Butler Shelf- Hold your pastel box or other pallet right on your tripod.

  • Guerrilla Painter Pochade Box- Great for plein air painting, can be ordered with pastel adaptations.

  • Shadebuddy Umbrella- An umbrella is an essential item if you want to paint plein air. I love this one!

  • View Catcher- A great little composition finder.

  • General's Tri-Tip Eraser- Fantastic for erasing pastel on sanded paper.

Pastel Sets:

These are sets I love and think make great additions to any pallet, but which pastels you decide to add depends on what you already have and what subjects you'd like to paint.

  • Mount Vision Thunderstorm Greys

  • Mount Vision 50 Landscape Set

  • Terry Ludwig Warm Greens

  • Terry Ludwig Cool Greens

  • Terry Ludwig Intense Darks II

  • Terry Ludwig 30 Essential Grays-Maggie Price

  • Sennelier 120 Half-Pastel Paris Collection

  • Girault 25 Grey

  • Blue Earth Land & Sea

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